The best machinery for the finest manufacturing

We base our products on complete technical and engineering solution as well as on original design and fine manufacturing.

As a modern company we use the latest technology for manufacturing of our products. The development is done in CAD systems using PC programs such as AutoCAD and Solid Works.

The machinery we employ comprises of a CNC milling machine with the cutting precision of 0.01 mm (production of HEIZ) controlled by a standard personnel computer. To ensure the exact scale and correct dimensions, the development as well as all supporting documentation and drawings for manufacturing are created in designated CAD software. 

The electronics is designed by the help of  FORMICAsoftware.

For fine finishing we used the machinery from the well known manufacture of high-quality power tools PROXXON.

For our products we use fine natural materials together in combination with synthetic materials. This is to reflect exactly the original structure of each item. For the wooden parts we used wood from mahogany, nut, lime, or cherry tree (this can be specified by the customer). For the other major parts we use plastic Creativ-Plat. The consumable items are standard product made of steel, brass, or copper.