Turntable Drive Development

Handmade prototype

As a result of the feedback from a model railway forum (Czech model railway forum) I have decided to speed up the development of a universal turntable drive for small turntables. It is meant to use the same modular design as is used for the wooden turntable. The only difference is only that instead of the top table with the rails only two wires and a screw.  Further improvement shall allow for easy mounting of serial product from manufactures such as PECO, Fleischmann, etc.

And of course a few 3D drawings from the design stage and a handmade prototype.

Final prototype

So the mechanical bit has been put together, milled and assembled to a working piece. Changing the rail polarity is made mechanically after a 180 degree turn. The rail potential is transferred to the rail by the means of two carbons sitting on springs. The sensor of zero position is built-in and the interface to the turntable is with a M2 thread approx. 10 long.  The whole assembly can be blued or screwed on the bottom of a turntable pit. When screwed four M3 crews with the length of at least 25 mm are needed. For gluing a bit of second glue shall do the trick.

And a few pictures from the now milled prototype. The pictures show the four screws sunk in the top part to allow for attachment of the drive to the bottom of a turntable pit.

Final product

There has been a bit delay in the development due to being occupied by other things and other designs but finally the last touches are finished and we are ready to roll. The last change was redesigning the mounting arrangements for the turntable. This has been change from a simple M2 thread to a hollow shaft with an outer diameter 6 mm. This is to be able to have the wires for the rail potential inside the shaft.