The key technical data:

The Base

Max. length:                      11 733 mm

Max. wide:                         4 170 mm

The layout base is built from 8mm plywood with a frame for 40x40 cm the main level and 40x40cm for the hidden level. The base is 4mm plywood. The legs are also made from 8mm plywood with 10x10x110cm size.

The helix was glued from two levels of XXX each 4mm plywood. It is stand on 24 pieces of 6mm (M6) threaded rods. The entire helix construction hangs in amongst the 8 legs. 

The Track

The track in the hidden part is self-built code 55 track with Rail. The visible part is code 40 also own build. The sleepers are made of 1.5 mm wood. Every 50 mm a sleeper from a 1.5 circuit board is glued to hold the track in position. Permanent way profile is according to NEM 122 adjusted for FiNescale.

The length of the track in visible part is approximately (not biult yet)m with over 40 000 sleepers. The hidden part track is all-together approximately 250m long (or eat least I had to buy 576 pc of track each 92 cm long). There are no real sleepers used here.

The Points

Points are either self-made or Peco code 55

The point control in the hidden part are with servos (SG 9 with each with own decoder). Within the visible part some points shall be  operated with the same servos some are with Fulgurex point motors. There are a (quite) few points with manual operation only.

Number of points:

Hidden part:                     

30 x       Peco SL-E395F, 396F; Code 55, medium radius

4 x         Peco SL-E388F, 389F; Code 55, large radius

Visible part:

64 x       EW 1-9-R190m-8a

28 x       EW 1-10-R245m-8a

1 x          EW 1-9-R190m-S49

2 x          EW 1-9-R300m-S49

16 x       DKrW 1-9-R190m-8a

3 x          DKrW 1-10-R245m-8a

1 x          DKrW 1-9-R300m-S49

6 x          DW 1-10-R245m-8a

1 x          DW 1-9-R190m-8a

1 x          DW 1-10-R190-180m-8a

157 x     points of all sort in total


The control

This section will be updated as the work progresses.