The layout is design as  ”U” shape with two levels. The bottom level is for the fiddle yard only and is 30 cm under the main deck. The overall dimensions are 4170 x 11733 mm. The main level is at 1100 mm high. Considering it is a station’s the highest point of the track is the same as the basic. The ground highest point it at + 110mm. The following picture shows the outline dimensions of the layout.

layout dimension

The next picture is showing the hidden layout design. It consists of three sections of the fiddle yard. Each section has six tracks. Two sections are for the main line, each section for one direction. The third section is for the branch line and is designed for both directions. At opposite corners are located the two helix.



The station disposition is shown on the next figure. The locomotive yard and wagon and locomotive repair shop is positioned in the bottom part.  The purple lines are designated for buildings.

Top level planAll the plans were done based on available information from Internet and the book “RAW Lauban”. Especially the plans from this book were very helpful and enabled to crate, together with Goole map, quite detailed disposition of the station and surrounding area. Still there are some grey area (the electrification masts, the building plans) and any help on this matter is appreciated

The layout shall be DCC computer operated with the Lenz system. Because this is what I have. The plan is to add and analogue control box (that would still operate via the Lenz command station) but we shall see.