Schlesische Gebirgsbahn

The things have changed. Originally the station Rosenheim was on the plan. Well, it is not any more. After I had investigated the old German electric network further and after my “rail” trip across Poland i actually came to a conclusion that there was and old electric German railway network just a few km away from my home. A few means about 60km. And that all is still well preserved as it was 80 years ago. It is actually not any more but the damage is significantly smaller than in case of Bf Rosenheim.

So let’s investigate what it is (what it was).  And it is the “Schlesische Gebirgsbahn“ or in English the Silesian Mountain Line. A railway line between (at the end) Görlitz and Waldenburg (with extension all the way to Breslau) originally built in the 19th century and electrified with the AC 15kV 16 2/3 Hz system continuously between 1911 and 1939. I do not have the time and will no copy everything that has been written before. So here a few links that can help with the overall picture.



From the model railway point of view the most fascinating parts are the three principal station - Lauban, Hirschberg and Waldenburg – Dittersbach (Görlitz shall be on the list to, but it is too “west”). They are interesting for the layout, number of station facilities, size, and also the number of structures that have survived till today (although every year a few are gone). Originally I wanted to model the station Hirschberg but after finding additional info and re-considering the size the final decision was station Luban with the RAW Luban (locomotive and wagon railway shop Luban). Still I have created a scaled (1:160) drawing of the station Hirschberg as it was in operation around 1940 (a part of a few details I could not figure out) and if somebody is interested I can share the DWG file. Just let me know.

Station Lauban

It is the shortest one from the three (four) main stations and hence it shall fit in to my cellar. Actually the house cellar was designed to get the station to fit in it. Anyway, one can again find plenty of written info on the internet so going to basic:

The station is located on the ““Schlesische Gebirgsbahn“ nowadays the PkP line N. 274 on km 177.79 and the line N. 279 km 0.00. There is a branch line towards the Czech border N. 337 starting in Luban.

The station has two main parts with the station building in between. The west part is serving the traffic in direction Görlitz, east par direction Kohlfurt. Small 16m turntable as well as old locomotive shed is also located between these two parts. Next to the station a huge wagon and locomotive (and later electric locomotive) repair shop has been located. Further west then the locomotive yard serving the steam engines based in Lauban. Not much is left today.

Another interesting building located in the vicinity of the station is what used to be the power substation for the AC 88 to 15kV 16 2/3 Hz railway.

The model

The idea is to build a model this station as what it looked like some time later 1940. The time is chosen in respect of the traffic to “allow” for the operation of the German electric class E94. This locomotive type was introduced in 1940 and several locomotives (E94 016, 017, 019, 20; E94 059 – 066, E94 074, 078, 11, 153, and 154   ) were also stationed in Waldenburg-Dittersbach and ran on this line.

With the idea of building a very realistic model same issues are coming in. The major is the size. The station is approximately 1.6km long. This makes it 10m in the 1:160 scale. Other things alike the various points (3-way, crossings) ask for self-built track. All building and other “equipment” has to be built from scratch and pretty much based on what is left and the old photos.