Rosenheim Station

So, I have always admired the old German electric locomotives. The ones that were hauling around Germany the trains with the speed of 160 km/h some 70 years ago. As interested in the model railway there was a plan to build a layout with electric traction set to the DRG times. Because building a full size layout would take to much space a decision was taken to reduced it to a single station or just locomotive yard. After some search on Internet and railway forums in Germany the best representative has been found. The station Rosenheim.

The station lays on the main route between Germany and Austria and during the WWII was a very important transport point for the supply to the east point. Well, unfortunately. As a result, it has been bombed several times and during the last days of the war a heavy bomb attack completely destroyed the station as well as the depot. And this means that nobody really knows what it used to look like.

The aim of this project is to build a scaled model of the station Rosenheim as it looked during the second world war. And if everything goes well at the en that should be an exact scaled model of the station or at least if the depot.

As this project requires rather an enormous amount of resources and it is very difficult to find any old material about the locomotive yard this project is put on hold until further notice.

However, if anybody interested I can provide some drawings of the Rosenheim Station and locomotive yards from the time before WWII and even a few AutoCAD drawings that I managed to convert.