DRG Locomotive Yard

This is a model of an imaginary German locomotive yard in the Epoche II. It is meant to show the traffic in a major filing station in the steam era. It mainly serves as test facility for development of our products.


This shows some info from the development and manufacturing a 15 m turntable of a bridge construction for the locomotive yard. Unfortunately, only the drive and the bottom part have been done. The bridge is still awaiting the design. The drive used for this turntable is a standard product from our production range.


This small layout shall contain together three locomotive shed. A middle size one with 10 rails 15 degrees apart. A main big shed with 17 rail 7.5 degree apart and a tiny one just for a small diesel engine. The design is based on standard German architecture in the DRG area. So far the floor has been drawn and milled. The building itself waits firstly the decision on what design shall be used. Also the technology and material is yet not known. As the most preferred options seems to be paper cut by laser.

If anybody is interested I can provide the AutoCAD drawings for the turntable as well as for the base plate of the roundhouse. Just drop me an email and I will send it to you. Well, I need to find them firstWink.