Gallery - ČSD

Just a few pictures from the old days of ČSD (Czechoslovakian State Railway) with the steam traction still providing the majority of the motion power.

Some of the pictures have been identified as being published by the author on Drehscheibe Online. Please refer to the exact position of the post for more details - "Als der Osten noch ost war - Prag 1974!".

And another 4 pictures from Drehscheibe Online. Blog is: Ein Albatros in Prag – Mai 1981.

And still, as it comes or it is found. There are more pictures from Drehscheibe Online. Blogs are as follows: 

Chocen-Litomysl Oktober 1991 (5 pictures).

Lokführers` Sonnenbad 1976 in Plzen ( CSD ) (1 picture)

976 im Mai, ein Ausflug nach Plzen zur CSD (12 pictures)

Sehr elegant - Die Chrustschow-Lok (BR 464.2, CSD) (8 pictures)

I do appologize if I have forgotten to write some reference here.