Well, here just a few pictures with the railway / model railway theme that I get now and then though the e-mail or take myself. Pretty much organized the way first comes, first serves.


Just a few pictures from the old days of ČSD (Czechoslovakian State Railway) with the steam traction still providing the majority of the motion power.


A gallery with a several old pictures of the station and locomotive yard of Rosenheim.

On the train in British East Africa

So this is a description of my experience with the train in Kenya in summer 2011.  It  was a part of my holiday in Africa with the main aim to climb Kilimanjaro.  We did seized the opportunity here and used the train as offered by the Rift Valley Railways. We have made all together three trips; one to Kisumu (on the shore of Lake Victoria) and a return journey to Mombasa (on the coast). All was from the capital – Nairoby. It was quite good and comfortable (bearing in mind the local standards). And I would dare to say that in terms of the wild live better than a safary to Masai Mara. Of course pictures, maps and other descriptions are provided.