Wooden Turntables

Please note that due to the personal circumstances the manufacture as well as delivery times are a bit longer. It is strongly recommended to contact us before placing an order. Thank you!

At the moment the portfolio of our key-products consists of models of several sizes of a turntable with a fully covered wooden deck.

The basic model is fitted with Peco Code 80 rails but on request this can be changed to Fleischmann, Arnold or Minitrix Code 80 or to FiNescale code 40 or eventually to code 55.  We are also able to produce customer made models of the required size and gauge. At the moment the maximum size of the table is limited to the diameter of 97 mm although a model of a 120 mm diameter has also been developed upon a customer request and is avaibalbe (only made to order). The minimum size is not limited but it is impracticable to make it smaller than 35 mm.

The main and standard functions of all our turntable models are as follows:

  • Continuous revolving in both directions with automatic coasting to a pre-set angle;
  • Revolving in steps or constantly;
  • Adjustable speed of revolving;
  • Smooth acceleration and deceleration during start up and stopping;
  • Adjustable speed of acceleration;
  • 32 x 4 possible rail positions - stops;
  • Positions of rails can be fine set to 1/32 degree, anywhere within a full circle;
  • Positions of rails can be input in angles or steps;
  • Automatic calibration at start up;
  • Manual calibration anytime by a push button;
  • Adjustable properties of the calibration (for fine tuning): reaction on rising/descending/middle edge of the sensor;
  • LED indication can also be connected remotely;
  • Local control on board or terminals for remove control;
  • Change of rail polarity (as an option) with latching or standard relay;
  • Change of rail polarity adjustable to chosen positions (angle);
  • Change of rail polarity for each rail position;
  • Turning either in full circle or only between outside rail position (segment turntable);
  • Controlled output for additional accessories;
  • Slack adjustment (automatic or manual);
  • Digital operation with Lenz or other DCC systems;
  • Easy DCC address setting, either with included setting software or directly via the DCC command station;
  • Various DCC safety options;
  • Easy setting by included software;
  • PC enabled control via USB connection;
  • Connection to a PC via a standard USB interface;
  • Possibility to save the setting into a txt file;
  • Bootloader for customer firmware upgrade.
And the overview of up today offered models:
ItemReal Size  Model size (1:160)
Size of the table
Overall model size 
 Overall Diameter x Depth with motor
IMM 1.10-NWTx5.5 m35 mm85 mm x 45 mm
IMM 1.20-NWTx8 m50 mm85 mm x 45 mm
IMM 1.30-NWTx12 m75 mm110 mm x 45 mm
IMM 1.40-NWTH15.5 m97 mm132 mm x 45 mm
IMM 1.50-NWTH19.2 m120 mm157 mm x 45 mm


Please note that the turntables can also be delivered without the drive as hand operated. For price or additional information contact us on our email.


Turntable Drives

Apart from the turntable we also offer, for these who want to build their own models, a simple turntable drive. At the moment we have three products in this category.

The first product is a complete turntable drive IMM 2.10-THS that is suitable for application on self-built turntables. It has all the functions available for tout turntable models. For mounting on the turntable a hollow shaft with a 6 mm diameter is provided. For the rail potentional two wires are made available inside the drive axle. This item is still under development.

The second product in this category is a turntable drive IMM 2.10-THS-P, that is suitable for mounting in a commercially available turntable from the English manufactures - PECO; the PECO N scale turntable NB-55. The design is based on the previous product only the rail connections is not provided as it is understood that ommercially produced PECO N scale turntable NB-55 has this feature already built in.

The last product in this category is a turntable drive kit that only contains the main components including, the gears, motor and the electronics. This is for somebody who wants to build the complete turntable or requires a special solution for his design.


Model size (1:160)
Size of the table

Overall model size 
Overall Diameter x Depth with motor
 IMM 2.10-THSvarious85 mm x 45 mm
 IMM 2.10-THS-Pvarious85 mm x 45 mm
 IMM 2.10-THS-Kvariousvarious


Rhätische Bahn

For the friends of the famous Glacier Express and other narrow railway lines in the Switzerland we have introduced this line of turntable products. These narrow gauge turntables are based on the various construction designs that are still in use by the Rhätische Bahn (Switzerland).

At the moment (10-2011), we have two main models. The first model is based on the turntable that is placed in the station of Filisur in Switzerland. This model is characterised by a full deck covered with metal sheets.

The second models is similar to our standard design i.e. a turntable with a wooden deck.

The last version that is still under development shall be a turntable of a bridge construction similar to a one used in the station of Bernina Hospiz

All models are manufactured with the main diameter approximately 94 mm in the N (1:160 scale). This means 15 m real. The gauge is Nm with 6.5 mm between rails. The diameter can be changed on request.

The last version that is still under development shall be a tuntable of a bridge construction similar to a one used in the staion of Bernina Hospiz.

ItemReal Size  Model size (1:160)
Size of the table
Overall model size 
Overall Diameter x Depth with motor
IMM 3.10 - NmMT15 m94 mm132 mm x 45 mm
IMM 3.10 - NmWTI15 m94 mm132 mm x 45 mm
IMM 3.10 - NmBT15 m94 mm132 mm x 45 mm


PC Control Overview

Sample HMI of the turntable setting program.


Sample MHI of the PC control program.



All turntables can be customised on request. In additional, we have several stepper motors for sale.

We can also manufacture turntables for the TT and H0 gauge as well as for other narrow gauges. In the case of special requirements please contact us in our CONTACT LIST.

Please note that the turntables are made per order and the manufacturing process can take up to 2 weeks. In the case of special requirements such as none standard size or FiNescale model the period can be a bit longer. 

For more information on our product you can read though the current manuals. All downloads are available in the section DOWNLOADS.