About us


We are a small home based company that focuses on the production of fine scale railway models. The main interest is in the N scale modelling but other gauges such as TT and H0 are also considered.

We are based internationally with a headquarter located in Novú Bor in the Czech Republic and developing centre based in Prague in also the Czech Republic.

Our small business was established at the beginning of the year 2009 as a result of changing my personal focus on FiNescale modelling and significant lack of high quality products in this area.  Also the general lack of model accessories for modelling locomotive depots (mainly small size turntables) played a vital role in the decision.


  • The company was founded in 2009
  • First serial product 2010
  • First product sold in September 2010
  • DCC oprtation in December 2015

The Aim

The main interest had been in the development of models of a small size wooden turntables. This should have been either in the size of smaller locomotive (the diameter between 9 - 16 m) or a wagon turntable with the diameter between 5 and 10 m.

After one year of development and many attempts the final design has been built and is now ready for sale. The turntable is designed in several sizes ranging from 5 m (35 mm) up to 19.2 m (120 mm).

Meanwhile we have added a simple turntable drive as a kit for modellers who want to build their own models of turntable and we have also extended our portfolio with a few models for the narrow gauge Nm (6.5 mm between rails).

In the near future we are looking on a design of a turntable with sunken rails i.e. with the top of the rail being in a line with the top of the turntable. This shall be designed as a wagon wooden turntable in two smallest sizes – with real diameter between 5 and 10 m with the possibility of a diameter up to 12 m. In additional we are also looking to develop a turntable with a bridge construction.

The long term perspective is to be able to provide the fans of model railway with all accessories they need to build an exact replica of a locomotive yard from the steam era.

The core activities

The core production lies in manufacturing of our range of wagon turntables for the N scale model railway. Apart from that we also offer the following:

  • Manufacturing of fine scale models for model railway, yet the N gauge. (With the options for other scales: TT, H0 and narrow gauges)
  • Production of spare parts for all kinds of model
  • Manufacturing of precise customer designed samples from wood, paper, plastic or metal
  • Manufacturing of customer designed parts for electronics
  • CNC milling operation
  • 3D milling and engraving
  • Design of electronics and electronic circuit boards
  • Trade

Write to us

If you have any specific desire or suggestion about what we could produce for you or you if just want to ask about our products please do not hesitate and contact us.


Our aim is to create the state of the art models of the best quality and exact in the scale.