Verbesserte Steuerelektronik TOC 2

After getting some feedback from the customers regarding our turntable drive it has obvious that things can still be improved. The main are of the concern are the noise of the drive and ability to customize the angle to any possible value.

In order to address these issues a new control board had to be developed. So far a prototype is ready and the final version of the software is being tuned-up.

With the new control board some functions has been taken away. These are:

  • Changing the direction of rotation during calibration
  • Reacting on ascending / descending edge of the sensor
  • Power down mode was changed to “Always  ON”

The major improvement comprises the two microprocessor control. With one processor solely dedicated to motor control. The results is a sinusoidal control of the steep motor and thus much smoother revolving (1/16 of the nominal motor step can be achieved).

Additional improvements are in the control. The basic stays; one can still adjust the main angle of the turntable in the multiple of 7.5 degree and then turn the turntable in steps or constantly but on top new feature – so called “indexing” has been written.

The purpose of the function is to record the position of each adjacent rail into an internal memory (the minimum angle difference is 0.25 degree). After all rails are stored in the memory the turntable (in indexing mode) revolves just between the rail, regardless if they are 7.5 or 6 or for example 43.25 degree part. Of course smooth movement across more rails (as long as the appropriate command is executed) is still available.

And two pictures and a video to download from the testing phase.

With the two processor unit we expect the price to be slightly higher. Roughly about additional 15 Euro.