This section is including the description of my current projects that are not directly linked to manufacturing but are about model railway.

At the moment two major projects are running, well sort of. They have been around for couple of year but due to my endless relocation and general lack of time and suitable premises not much has happened here. The two projects are the model of the Rosenheim Station and model of a typical German locomotive yard in Epoche II. Both projects are build in the N scale where the Rosenheim station is hoped to be finished in FiNescale with code 40 rails.

Bahnhof Rosenheim

A very long term project with the aim to build an exact replica of the station Rosenheim (Bavaria - Germany) in the 1:160 scale as it could have been seen around the world war II. Unfortunately this is quite difficult as at the end of the word the whole station was several times the target for allied bomb raids and was practically entirely destroyed. After the war the locomotive yard was rebuild with just a few original buildings preserved. I would to ask everybody who would have any information mainly pictures or drawings of any equipment in the locomotive yard from the time before the WW II  if he/she could be so kind and help me to gather more info

Bahnbetriebswerk der DRG

This is my current layout being built as a typical German locomotive yard in the age for the steam traction. The main function is currently to test new designs and get some ideas for new development.

Drehscheibe - Entwicklung

This section describes some main task tasks that had to be dealt with during the development of a functional prototype of the model of a wooden turntable.

Drehscheibeantrieb - Entwicklung

This section describes some design stages during the development of a turnatble drive.

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